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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Proof of Funds/Verified Funds

A Proof of Funds, while not a loan, is a perfect inexpensive and quick way to joint venture with a strong viable partner to your current financial profile, show reserves or buy time in your transactions with verified funds. 

There are many different formats which may include phone/fax verification, Swifts, online account access, bank letters, TELEX, DTC or Euroclear screens, verification of deposit form (VOD),  and/or account statements

All funds seasoned at least one year.

These proof of funds accounts are backed by actual investors and not just “paper”. Your account is set up as a primary account under all banking regulations, it is seasoned, and not a “piggy back” account, for this reason we don’t need an MT760 or any other MT, however we can provide it! In my experience it’s better without it because like I said, our accounts are primary  accounts.

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